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Finish reading the chapter ‘Night Visitors.’

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. Where do the cars drive to?
  2. Look at page 132, what emerges from the sea?
  3. Who does Alex recognise on page 133?
  4. How long did it take to unload the boxes?
  5. What happens when a box is dropped?

Main Task:

What evidence is there that the boxes contain something secretive and important? See if you can find at least three different clues.

Today we will be finishing our spy bio for the characters you have created. We will be focusing on the bio section which summarises their life and experiences.


Listen to Walking on Shinshine (Step 4), When You’re Smiling (Step 5) and Love Will Save The Day (Step 6). Can you find about the facts about these songs? Can you answer our four questions:

Can you put all of our songs that we have learnt about on a timeline?

Which song is your favourite and why?