In school today, our children are doing some work with some our sports coaches; here are some sporty activities for you to try at home!

Warm up
Can you spell out your name using the exercises next to each letter?
Can you spell out any other words, and get somebody to guess what it is you’re spelling?

Just Dance!

Get your dancing shoes on, and give some of these a go!

High Hopes:

One Direction:


Or if you’re up for a challenge, why not try a bit of Zumba? –

Scavenger Hunt
How quickly can you find all of the items of the scavenger hunt list?
Could you create your own list? Be imaginative!
And make sure you tidy everything up afterwards!

Yoga is a great way to exercise both our body and our mind! Here are a selection of my favourite yoga workouts to try!

Body Scan:

MineCraft Yoga:

Star Wars Yoga:

Spiderman Yoga:

Feel free to explore the other Cosmic Kids Yoga videos to find one that you like!

Obstacle Course
If you have the space, why don’t you create your own obstacle course?