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Lesson Link –     Finding a rule (one step)

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section.


Reading is going to be the focus of our Zoom session today. Please bring your book to the session where we will read up to page 156. We are going to be making comparisons between this chapter and the last chapter “Death in the Long Grass”. We will be using a Venn Diagram to make these comparisons and using the magic word ‘whereas’ to form written answers.

Comparing ‘Death in the Long Grass’ to the beginning of ‘Dozmary Mine’.


Yesterday we recapped synonyms and antonyms. Today I want you to use your knowledge of synonyms to up-level the paragraph I have posted into your portfolio. Vocabulary choices are super important in your writing. How can you use your knowledge of synonyms to edit and improve writing?



Link to prerecorded lesson will be posted on DOJO. Complete activity of matching routines to the pictures on portfolio. Record a role-play saying your classroom instructions.