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Lesson Link –    Multiply by 10, 100, 1000

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section.


Finish reading the chapter Double 0 Nothing

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. Look at page 73, what did Wolf do to Alex in the Killing House?
  2. What did Alex tell the sergeant about the incident in the Killing House?
  3. How long is the hike?
  4. What did Alex have to tackle at the end of the hike?
  5. Where did Alex get the matches?

Main Task: Why do you think Wolf is so mean towards Alex? Give reasons for your answer. Use the P.E.E method to structure your response.


Join me on Zoom for your live lesson and we will discuss planning your letter to the Prime Minister. You will find the planning sheet in the portfolio section of dojo. Remember to make notes and not write in full sentence. Make sure you plan in the features we discussed yesterday e.g. a rhetorical question.


What happens to the circulatory system during exercise?

In today’s lesson, we will be learning all about the circulatory system and the effect exercise has on this system. First, we will discuss what the circulatory system is. Then, we will identify how the circulatory system connects to the muscles. We will then be measuring our own heart rate and conducting a small exercise experiment where we will compare our resting heart rate to our heart rate after completing an exercise.

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