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Lesson Link – Decimals as fractions

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Finish reading Physalia Physalis.

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. Why does the Portuguese-man-o’-war remind Sayle of himself?
  2. Look at page 100, what mistake does Alex make?
  3. How did Mr Grin gain his name?
  4. Look at pages 104 and 105, find 2 pieces of evidence showing that Sayle is suspicious of Alex?
  5. Find and copy a two word phrase showing Sayle likes to know everything that is going on at the plant.

Main Task
 What impression do you get of Herod Sayle based on the chapter Physalia Physalis? Use the P.E.E method to structure your response.


Join me on Zoom and we will discuss planning your letter to Alex Rider. You will find the planning sheet in the portfolio section of dojo.  Remember to make notes and not write in full sentence. Make sure you plan in the features we discussed yesterday e.g. emotive sentences to show Ian cared.


What are medicinal drugs?

In this lesson, we will learn what drugs are and therefore what medicinal drugs are. We will learn about different examples of medicinal drugs, including painkillers, antibiotics and anaesthetics. Finally, we will apply our knowledge of medicinal drugs to different scenarios. For some people this will be a sensitive topic. If that applies to you, you may want to do the rest of this lesson with a trusted adult nearby who can support.

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