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Catch Up Maths Zoom 1:15pm.


We will continue to focus on chapter 3 today so please don’t read on yet!

Quick Fire Retrieval (pages 44 and 45)

  1. What files does Alex find in Ian’s desk?
  2. Look at the paragraph beginning, ‘The first was marked…’ find and copy a word showing Alex’s confusion.
  3. Why is Alex unable to read the Stormbreaker file?
  4. What does ‘not authorised’ mean?
  5. What happens to Alex at the end of this chapter?

Main Task: Based on the evidence Alex has uncovered and the suspicions around Ian Rider’s death, predict what the Royal and General actually is. Use evidence from the text to back up your prediction.


Join me on Zoom at 11am and we will be working together on a grammar learning objective. We will learn how to spot the subject and object of a sentence. After the session, complete the worksheet in the portfolio section.


Look at the global issue photos on the attached sheet. Choose two of the photos to focus on. Answer the following questions with the two photos in mind:

What does your picture show?

2. Where might this photo have been taken? (e.g. country)

3. What might be the difficulty the child/people/person lives with in this


4. What might be dream of the person/people in the picture?

5. What might help their situation?

6. What feelings do you feel when you consider the situation of the people/person in your picture?