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Lesson Link –  Equivalent Fractions Decimals and Percentages

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Continue reading ‘Night Visitors’ up to page 127, “I must wish you goodnight.”

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. What does Alex suggest may improve the Stormbreaker?
  2. Identify three modes of transport that the Stormbreakers will be transported by.
  3. How will the Stormbreakers be brought online?
  4. Where does Sayle say Ian Rider spent most of his time?
  5. How does Sayle explain the armed guards?

Main Task: How do you think Alex is feeling after his conversation with Herod Sayle Use evidence from the text to justify your views.


Join me on Zoom to begin developing your character Mi6 file. We will look at the layout features you are expected to use and begin writing sections of your bio using sub-headings to separate information.


Today we are programming a Spider’s Web! All instructions and pre-recorded video will be posted on DOJO.