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Lesson Link – All operations with fractions

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Read to page 13 where it says, “Why would the police have lied?”

Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. What has happened to Ian?
  2. What happened to Alex’s parents?
  3. What was Ian Rider’s job?
  4. Who is Jack?
  5. Why does Alex think the police’s explanation is strange?

Main Question: Summarise the first four pages of Stormbreaker in under 50 words. Ensure all key information is included


Join me on Zoom at 11am today. We are going to be looking at vocabulary choices. The vocabulary we generate will be useful for our writing later in the week.
If you’re unable to make zoom, please see the attached slides.


What is in your blood?
Use this Bitesize link to find out about the role of blood in your body and what it contains.  There is a matching activity and short quiz on the page.

Once you’ve done this, please complete this table in your book at home and copy the paragraph underneath filling in the blanks with the given vocabulary.  Ensure you use scientific vocabulary.

Part of the bloodWhat does it do in your body?
Red blood cell 
White blood cell 

Now fill in the blanks

___ is a mixture of different types of ___ suspended in a straw coloured liquid called ___.

The main function of blood is to: carry ___ and nutrients to the body’s cells; removing ___ products and protecting the body against ___.

Different components of the blood carry out different ___.

Word bank: roles, cells, plasma, infection, blood, waste, oxygen.