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Aims and Entitlement

Our Creative Curriculum is still evolving. It is driven by the need to develop pupil’s skills and knowledge in a creative and enjoyable way. It is also planned to allow for development of a more personalized learning philosophy and takes into account special events or areas of focus taken on board by the school.

The Creative Curriculum is designed to cover the content of the New National Curriculum 2014.  It is designed to address the knowledge of the new curriculum alongside the core skills of problem solving, co-operation, communication, appraisal, enquiry and independence. At Hemlington Hall Academy we use the term Context for Learning when planning the wider curriculum beyond the core subjects.

The Creative Curriculum allows for meaningful and exciting learning opportunities to be planned across the subjects.  Excellence and Enjoyment are achieved through a curriculum which fosters enquiry and fun.  A learning experience is attached to each context for learning and contexts will be taught termly or half termly.

Each year group has an overview of the planned contexts for the Year. These are now available on the school website.

This year we have bought Cornerstones published materials to support our existing contexts for learning and fill any gaps now required by the new curriculum. The materials will be reviewed and evaluated by staff as the year progresses and used accordingly. 

The responsibility for the Creative Curriculum whole school monitoring lies with Mrs. Warner.


September 2017

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