Maths is an important part of life. We believe all children at Hemlington Hall Academy work exceptionally hard to understand new concepts and use their knowledge to solve problems and explain why mathematically.

Maths can be great fun!

Why should I play maths games with my child?

Children make progress best as mathematicians when they regularly repeat skills and practise them until they become embedded. This can be quite a long process sometimes, and so the use of the context of an exciting game or interesting activity can be highly motivating. In our experience, our children learn best when they are having fun and that’s what games are for!

 Websites – Games
web pic  Primary Games 
  You will find all sorts of Maths on here including challenges.
  web pic   Maths Zone
  Full of great content
  web pic  Top Marks
 Lots of fun games to play!

Internet-based Activities relating to Number and Place Value.

 Websites – Number & Place Value
  web pic Chinese Dragon Game
Learn to order numbers by playing this fun Chinese Dragon game
web pic   Underwater Counting Game
Learn to count up to 10 sea creatures accurately with this fun underwater themed game!
  web pic Bones
100 square challenge
  web pic Number Bingo
Play bingo at all levels
  web pic ICT Games
Wide Range of games for KS1
  web pic Counting Numbers
Lots of fun ways to learn how to count
  web pic Spin to Win
Create the highest number
web pic    Super Sid’s Decimal Challenge
Match the decimals to create the target number
  web pic Splat Square
Can you find patterns in numbers?
web pic  Number Bonds to 1000
Can you beat the clock?
  web pic Number bonds to 10
Can to match the pairs?
 web pic  Mathsframe
Partitioning and Place Value

Games to support the learning of Multiplication Tables.

Websites – Multiplication Tables
web pic Top Marks
Play some games to help you learn your times tables.
web pic Times Table Grid Game
Spot the answer in the grid
web pic Crickweb
A website with lots of interactive multiplication games – KS2
web pic Mad4Maths
Wacky fun games
web pic Robinhood Doubles
Learn your doubles to 20

Below are some resources to help you develop your child’s maths skills.

Number Skills
add Addition place-value Place Value
subtraction_sign Subtraction fractions Fractions, decimals & percentages
multiplication Multiplication problem solving Word Problems
division Division hundred square Hundred Square
Geometry – Shape & Space Skills
2d 2D shapes

beautiful butterfly isolated on a white background

3d 3D shapes angles Angles
tessellation Tessellation coordinates Co-ordinates
Measurement Skills
measurement-23    Measure capacity_2 Capacity
area-012 Area & Perimeter time Time
weight Weight money Money