Watch the following Maths video – Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (1)

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo and in portfolios.


Today, we are going to be PEEing.  No, it’s not what you think!  We will read Chapter 13 – A quarrel in San Francisco before looking at the PEE power point.  Your task is to find evidence to support the notion that Fix’s plan will succeed.


You should be ready to start your letter today.  If you have missed any writing lessons this week, make sure you go back and look at Monday’s power point with examples of letter writing.

You will have two days to finish your letter.  Think about your sentence structure.  Can you add more detail?  Remember, you want the reader to be picturing exactly what has happened to Passepartout.  The letter should be in the first person, as you will be writing as Passepartout yourself.  Keep a close eye on your plan, in particular the success criteria.


Jobs and careers

Think about what jobs and careers you dreamt of last week. This week you are going to think about jobs and careers a bit more.

Think of 5 jobs/careers are rank them from least important to most important and give a reason why. There is no correct answer – it’s the reasons you give we are looking for.

Then on the second task sheet try and match the job to the salary. Why do you think some jobs/careers earn more than others?