Watch the following Maths video – Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2)

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo and in portfolios.


Read Chapter 14 – At full speed, with us on Zoom at 10:30.  Today you will be looking back at the chapter and putting the order of what happened from first to last in a sequence of events.


You should be finishing your letter today.  There will be a drop in Zoom lesson at 11:30, where you can come and show your work, looking at how we can improve it together.  Alternatively, if you prefer not to use Zoom, attach a copy of your work to your portfolio as soon as you can, and we will aim to give quick feedback so you can go back and edit.  We will be looking to make sure you have included brackets, dashes or commas for parenthesis, a range of expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and hopefully the perfect form of past tense verbs.


Join our zoom with our Stem ambassador who works as a civil engineer. Let’s find out all about her career and what she does for her job.

Then you need to build your bridge that you designed last Thursday. Send a photo to class dojo. Can your bridge hold any weight? Will it stand on its own?