Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Good morning. Your work for today is posted below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


We will be looking at the “ey/y” sound in Phonics. I will be hosting a Zoom Phonics lesson at 10.00am and going through this with you then.

Please have a pen and paper ready for the Zoom Phonics lesson.


Today we will be learning how to use a capital letter for names of people and names of places.

Go through the PPT with your child. Names of people and names of places are called proper nouns.

Then you need to have a go at the activity sheet.


Today we will be counting forwards and backwards to 50. Watch this video first.


This afternoon you will learning about the history of the Monarch. Go through this PPT about Queen Elizabeth’s life.

Then you need to look at the images of the Queen’s life, and find the sentence that matches the picture. Then you need to write the sentence next to the correct picture.