Good morning everyone.

Your work for today is posted below.

Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9.15am

We will be playing Bingo with words you practised last week.

We will be having our spelling test – here are the words we will be testing.


You have two choices of activities – you can finish the story starter which you were writing yesterday.

The other activity would be to use your spelling words in sentences.

Can you use a joining words in the sentences? Make them as interesting as you can!

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

Today we are learning how to find change.

Our live lesson will go through the work with you and we will complete this together. We are working on finding the total again today.


We are learning about Aerial views.

Use the powerpoint to explore different landscapes through aerial views. What do you notice?

Use the word bank to help you label the different aerial view images that are attached.,+Middlesbrough/@54.52423855,-1.24276935,40.4012838a,2841.24374782d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CoQBGloSVAolMHg0ODdlZWI3ZGQ5OWQ0MDdiOjB4YTM5Nzg1N2U3YTJjMTdhZhnyCdl5G0NLQCGXqx-b5MfzvyoZSGVtbGluZ3RvbiwgTWlkZGxlc2Jyb3VnaBgCIAEiJgokCdt1Rq6SQ0tAER5CB0sLQ0tAGYpb7Azgw_O_IR28rctE6_O_KAI

You could use this link to take you to Google Earth and explore the aerial view of your street/families street and draw your own map.

Have a lovely day – you’ve completed another week learning from home! Well done!