Good morning. Today is our last day of home learning for the week. Well done for all of your hard work!

Your work for today is posted below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


Suffix -ness added to the end of word to create a noun.

This will be todays Zoom lesson at 9:10am.

We will be working through activities together and children will complete the second part of this task once Zoom is over.


Use this link to take you to the BBC Bitesize webpage.

We are continuing on with adjectives as we covered yesterday.

Today I would like you to complete Activity 3 and the final challenge.

You might write something like this:

On Monday I went to the Zoo and guess what I saw?

Stripy, tall zebras roaming in the grass!

Cold, short penguins waddling around the ice!

I can’t wait to hear about your imaginary trip to the Zoo!


Today we are looking at counting money in pounds.

Use this video – or the following PowerPoint to support.

Here is the worksheet for you to complete.

Remember you do not need to print this out, this can be completed straight onto paper.


Today we are learning about a brand new religion. This is the 2nd largest religion in England. It is Islam.

We are beginning by learning about the Five Pillars, which are a very important set of rules.

Work through the PowerPoint which will give you lots of information about what each of the pillars means. Can you compare this to any of your own beliefs? Do you share any similar rules/routines in your life?

I will post this on Dojo for you to access.

There are two choices of activities for you to complete.

Here you can write some short sentences to describe each of the pillars and show me what you’ve learnt.

You can cut and stick the symbols to match each of the pillars. You could draw this if you don’t have access to a printer.

Have a lovely day and remember I’m here if you need support/help!