Good morning. I hope you have had a lovely weekend, whatever you have managed to do!

Your work for today is posted below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


Using dge/ge to make the /j/ sound within words.

This will be todays Zoom lesson at 9:30am.

We will be working through activities together and children will complete this task once Zoom is over.

This is a great video to help consolidate what we will learn during our lesson.


We will be working on the story of Supertato. I have uploaded a link here where you can access the story being read to you.

Can you choose a sentence from the story to write in your best handwriting?

Children have been using this template at school to help with their handwriting – thinking about ‘half size’ letter, ascender (touching the top line) and descender touching the bottom line.

If you don’t have access to print the template please don’t worry, this is just a guide to show you how the children should be sizing their letters.


Today we are looking at counting both pounds and pence. Mixing together the skills learnt last week.

Use this video or the following powerpoint to support with your work.

Complete this activity sheet:

Here are some trickier questions for you to complete. It would help for these questions if you could draw out the coins. This will make counting up the total amount much easier.

The final activity is problem solving and explaining. Circle your answer. To show ‘how you know’ remember you can write a sentence to explain.

Remember you do not need to print this out, this can be completed straight onto paper.


We are studying tone and how a colour can have lots of different shades, from light to dark. Use your garden or a local area to find different leaves and twigs.

Where do they match on the colour chart?

Which is the lightest shade? Which is the darkest shade?

Send me a picture of what you have found. Match them up on screen to their perfect shade.

Have a lovely day and remember I’m here if you need support/help!