Good morning everyone.

Here is your work for today.


Today we are looking at the /er/ sound following a /w/. This is made using the grapheme /or/.

Visit the spelling frame website and complete the different activities. This is spelling rule 21.

You can also practise using these words within a sentence.


Watch the video to listen to the story ‘Voices in the Park’

Can you think of adjectives to describe Charles? Use what we discussed yesterday about Charles’ mum to help you.

Can you put these adjectives into descriptive sentences using a conjunction too?


Watch the video to help you with finding half.

You could use buttons/counters/cereal etc to support you at home by sharing the amount into two EQUAL groups. Remember we share out one at a time.


Read the poem ‘Roar’ and answer the questions.


We are learning about compass directions and how to create a route.

Complete the activity using the compass points.

You could also visit Google Earth and tell your grown ups all you have learnt about out local area through our walks and our map studies!

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂