Phonics – Zoom at 9:15am

Today we will be revisiting the contraction words we learnt last half term.

We are continuing with our learning that /er/ following a /w/ is written using the grapheme /or/.


This week we are reading the story ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies.

Here is a video to read through the story with you at home.

Today you are thinking about the description of the main people and places within the story.

You need to fill each box with interesting adjectives/phrases.

For Noi you might write:

Short, brown hair

Blue, stripy top




Think of as many describing words for each person/place as you can.

Maths – Zoom at 11am

Today we are thinking about which methods are helpful when we need to divide.

We will be learning to use a bar model to help us when dividing.

As this is a new method, it is important to attend the Zoom lesson to demonstrate.


Today we are thinking about feeding our body with healthy food.

I will post the powerpoint on Dojo with the information to support you with your work.

Can you sort the different foods into those you should eat: lots, some or not very much of?

Now you have lots of ideas of good things to put into your body, you can design a healthy menu for the day.

What would you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Think about which foods you need lots of and which you only need a little bit of!