Reviewing spelling rule:

-tion at the end of words.

Practise applying this rule on using the spelling frame activites.

*Spelling rule 4*


Here is the video so you can re-read/watch the story.

Today you are thinking about a time you have been to the park, or somewhere similar.

Did you meet anyone knew? What things did you do? What did you enjoy?

Tell me all about it!

Remember to write in the first person, using I.


Today you are learning that one half and two quarters are equal/equivalent.

Work through the video to support you with your worksheet.

You could use things around your house, split them into halves and quarters and show this equivalence. You could also draw your own diagrams to show this too!


Read the short story which is 4 pages long. Complete the questions which have 1* 2* or 3* at the bottom of the page. Choose your difficulty carefully. You can complete all 3 sets of questions for a super challenge!


Think back to the learning all about electricity. We have explored lots in the classroom with the components of electrical circuits and understand how to create a closed circuit to allow the electricity to travel through.

Can you sort objects from around your house into those which are mains powered (this means they plug into the wall) or battery powered.

You can draw and label these in the table or you could physically sort the objects too!

Have a lovely day! We can’t wait to see your great work 🙂