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Watch the following maths videos – Convert pounds and pence


Read pages 26-30 of A Long Walk to Water.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Salva asked.

Marial titled his head up and put his hand on his brow to shade his eyes from the rising sun. “East,” he said wisely. “We are walking to the morning sun.”

Salva rolled his eyes. “I know we’re going east,” he said. “Anyone could tell that. But where in the East?”

Marial thought for a moment. “Ethiopia,” he said. “East of Sudan is Ethiopia.”

Salva stopped walking. “Ethopia? That is another country! We can’t walk all the way there.”

“We are walking east,” Marial said firmly. “Ethiopia is east.”

I can’t go to another country, Salva thought…

Why do you think Salva doesn’t want to go to another country? Think of five reasons why. One has been done for you:

  1. Ethiopia is a completely different country. It must be frightening for Salva to go to another country without anyone from his family. He might not know what to expect there.


Today you need to write a diary entry from Salva’s perspective. The diary entry needs to cover the following parts of the story:

  • The old woman telling Salva he cannot stay with her anymore
  • The group being reluctant to let Salva join
  • Joining the group
  • Meeting Buska
  • Finding the honey


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