Good morning, your work today has been set out below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


Watch the following maths video –Pounds and pence



Read the extract below:

Southern Sudan, 1985

Salva’s eye was swollen shut. Buksa’s forearms were lumpy and raw. A friend of Buksa’s had a fat lip. They all looked as though they had been in a terrible fistfight. But their injuries weren’t bruises…

Can you predict what has happened to Salva and Buksa? Use the previous chapter to support your answer.

Sentence starters:

I think that…

I predict that the cause of Salva and Buska’s injuries are…


Tomorrow you will need to write a diary entry from Salva’s perspective. The diary entry needs to cover the following parts of the story:

  • The old woman telling Salva he cannot stay with her anymore
  • The group being reluctant to let Salva join
  • Joining the group
  • Meeting Buska
  • Finding the honey

Today we are going to plan for the diary entry:


Following on from Safer Internet day, can you complete the quiz below?