In today’s reading we will be looking at Scroll 2. There is a copy that is downloadable below or you can listen to Miss Robson reading it here.

After reading or listening to Scroll 2 your task is to list what you think are the three most important things you learnt from this chapter. Remember to answer in full sentences, using capital letters and full stops.

Today in writing you are going to start your Newspaper report. You will need to start by thinking of a catchy title and then I would like you to write your introduction. You have all the tools you need to get started, make sure that you include, Who, What, Where and When.

Please upload your introduction to your portfolio so that I can mark it and give you feedback.
Today in maths we are going to be looking at subtracting fractions from whole amounts. Start with the video lesson here then have a go at the worksheet.

Today’s art lesson will be focusing on how and why African masks were created. Using the sheet below do your best to design two possible masks, taking into account: symbolism, colour and emotion.