Inference is today’s focus. To use your inference skills, you must read between the lines or add your own knowledge to work out what is not directly said but can be inferred. We will be re-reading Scroll 1 which can be downloaded here.

Listen to Miss Robson reading it here.
Answer the questions below, remember to answer in full sentences using full stops and capital letters.

  1. What place cannot be seen from outside of the house?
  2. What did Flavia want to do when she first heard her father calling for her? How did she feel?
  3. Why was Flavia’s father so upset that the ring was missing?
  4. Who is Scuto? Why is it important that he did not bark?
  5. Why did Flavia hesitate to leave through the small back door? What emotion might she have felt?
  6. What generalisation can you make about Flavia’s father?


Today we are going to write our newspaper report plan. We are reporting on the theft of the ring in the first scroll of our story, The Thieves of Ostia. We have worked on the skills and features needed to create a good newspaper report throughout the week and now its over to you.

I have included a document to follow when planning. Remember to use all the information we have discussed this week to support you. I have also included your success criteria, these are the things that I would like to see in your newspaper report so try to include some examples of them in your plan.


Today in maths we are going to be looking at subtraction fractions again. Take a look at the learning video here and then have a go at completing the activity sheets below.

In PSHE we will be focusing on how exercise impacts our heart and body health. It is important that we include exercise in our daily routines, by exercising we keep our heart, lungs and body healthy by making them work harder. Watch the video here.
Complete the heart rate experiment below.