On dojo you will find the end of block white rose assessment for Multiplication and Division. Please can you answer as many questions as you can independently and upload to your portfolio.


Time to see how the story ends, join us on Zoom to finish Chapter 20.  Upon reading the final page, what evidence is there to suggest that Mr Fogg has ‘won the jackpot’ after all, even if he didn’t win any money?

Last week we looked at the different themes the story could be about.  Now the story is complete, what is the most important underlying theme?  Why do you think that?


It’s time for your performances.  Now, we are going to have to work on trust here.  You need to be able to memorise at least one verse of your chosen poem.  So please do not have a copy that you can see until you have finished the part you have memorised.

There will be an extra drop in session for children to perform their poem, or you can record it and attach it to your portfolio.  If you would rather not perform – and I know some children won’t want to – then you can simply demonstrate to an adult at home that you have memorised the verse.  If that adult could message Mrs Warner or Mrs Robinson, then we will take that as evidence the objective has been met.  Obviously, we’d love to see you perform, but we don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Screen Free Friday PM

As a school we have decided to end the term with a screen free Friday afternoon. Due to lockdown, we are spending a lot more time looking at screens, so we would like you to take the opportunity to do something this afternoon that doesn’t involve looking at a screen.
You could:

– Make a blanket fort
– Create your own obstacle course
– Draw a portrait of someone from your family with your eyes closed!
– Play a board game
-Create a dance routine
-Complete Mrs Harker’s trail (see main dojo page)

Please upload a photo of what you get up to we would love to see.