Watch the following Maths video – Add and Subtract Fractions

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo in portfolios.


Today, look out for the LBQ code to take part in Y5 GPS revision.  We will be tracking how well you do and what you need further support on.


Complete the spelling test on spelling frame of the other ough words. Now throughout the week you need to practise ‘Rule 53 Y5/6 words a-av’ ready for next week’s test.


Join us for a writing zoom this morning.  Before we begin our new book, Percy Jackson, we will be learning about a Titan named Kronos (sometimes the spelling of his name is spelt with a C, or even a different spelling altogether).  Kronos was destructive and an all-devouring force, who wanted to rule all after defeating his father, Uranus.  He was warned by a prophecy that his own son would beat him one day and take his throne.  To ensure this did not happen, as each child was born, he ate them!  However, after numerous children had been eaten, Kronos’ wife Rhea hatched a plan.  Instead of eating her final child Zeus, she placed a stone in a crib and wrapped it up in a shawl, and watched as Kronos swallowed it.  She then hid her child away on the Greek island of Crete for his own safety.  This is the background of the story. 

Today, you will watch two short slips from You tube.  The first one is from Horrible Histories and you should watch the first three minutes.  This is a comical look at the myth.

The second is a more dark and dramatic retelling – what we are aiming for you to include in your story writing this week.  You should only watch the first minute and a half.  That’s it.  If you watch anymore, you story won’t focus on the scene we are retelling, and you will not meet your objective.  90 seconds, that is it!   You may need to watch it a couple of times, making notes as you go.

Over the course of this week, you will plan a retelling, then write a section of the story each day focusing on first the setting, then the description of the character, before finally completing your story, hopefully with added dialogue.  So today, you will be completing your plan.  Do not start your actual writing!


What is the internet?

This lesson we are going to think a bit more about the internet. We are definitely using it more than we ever have before, but we actually understand what it is?

Read through the information.

Now see how many things you can list in your house that use the internet.