On dojo you will find the end of block white rose assessment for Perimeter and Area. Please can you answer as many questions as you can independently and upload to your portfolio.


Before we read the final part of the story tomorrow, today will discuss on Zoom our predictions as to what will happen.  I wonder who will be correct.


We are moving on a little to spend the next two days looking at poetry.  The theme is ‘travel’.  Please have a look at the poems on the website, do you like them?  You could spend a little time finding your own travel inspired poem on the internet… or perhaps have a go at writing your own!

The aim of this is to achieve objective 10 – learning a wider range of poetry by heart.  Most of you have one mark in our yellow assessment book, this is an opportunity of getting the two marks you need.  Spend today familiarising yourself with your favourite poem, or writing your own poem ready to perform it tomorrow.


Look through the powerpoint and think about what things we get from other countries. Think about how you can support others.