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Lesson Link –    Substitution

Please find the correlating worksheet on the portfolio section.


Today we are going to read together on Zoom. We will finish the chapter ‘Behind the Door’. After zoom, answer the questions below.
We’re going to practise our retrieval skills today. Remember to use the key words within the question to help you find the answer.
1) Look at page 172, how have the Stormbreakers been altered?

2) Where is Agent Gregovich called to?

3) Identify three things we are told about the guard who holds up a gun against Alex.

4) How much time did Alex have left before the Stormbreaker opening ceremony?

5) Look at the top of page 177, how does Alex avoid the gunfire?

6) Look at the bottom of page 177, find and copy two words showing Alex is vulnerable.

7) Why was Alex unable to use the telephone?

8) Who appears outside of Alex’s room?


 Join me on Zoom where we will look at what a hyphen is and how they are used for different purposes. After the Zoom session, complete the ‘Helpful Hyphen’ worksheet on your portfolio.


Today we are going to learn about adaptation.

Read through the PowerPoint which explains the concept of adaptation (this links to last week’s learning about The Theory of Evolution).
After you’ve worked through the slides, complete the two fact files sheets on dojo showing how both an arctic fox and fennec fox are adapted to their environments. You can independently research this to help create your fact file.