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Quick Fire Retrieval

  1. What is the name of the bank Ian Rider worked at?
  2. Which football ground was Ian buried near?
  3. What does the word patriotic mean?
  4. What job does Crawley say Ian Rider had?
  5. What name is on the side of the van?

 Main Question: What clues are there that the circumstances around the death of Ian Rider are suspicious?

Just like Monday, make a table showing me the clue from the text and why you think that gives the reader a clue that Ian’s death was suspicious.  I have completed one example

Clue from the textWhy?
“ He always wore his seat belt”This tells the reader that Alex is doubtful because he believes Ian always wore a seat belt so finds it difficult to understand why he wasn’t on this occasion.


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Read through the powerpoint to find out about today’s task. We will be looking at how to break down our goals into smaller step and thinking about the personal qualities we will need in order to achieve them.