Good morning everyone.

Here is your work for today.


Today we are looking at the /or/ sound before /l/. This is made using the grapheme /a/.

This is spelling rule 17 on spelling frame.

You can also practise using these words within a sentence.


Here is the video so you can listen again to the story ‘Voices in the Park’

Can you think of adjectives to describe Charles? Use what we discussed yesterday about Charles’ mum to help you.

Think about the first voice in the story and what is happening when Charles’ mum is speaking.

What do you think Charles and his mum are thinking at this point in the story? Compare the two characters and their thoughts by completing their thought bubbles.

Charles’ mum may be thinking: ‘Why is that awful dog following Victoria?’ ‘Where has my son gone?’

Charles may be thinking: ‘I wish I could go and play’ ‘Victoria looks like she’s having lots of fun’.


Watch the video to help you with finding quarter.

You could use buttons/counters/cereal etc to support you at home by sharing the amount into four EQUAL groups. Remember we share out one at a time.


Read the poem ‘The Star’ and answer the questions.


What happens during Hajj?

I will post the powerpoint on Dojo for you to work through. We have looked at this in class too!

Can you create a poster to tell me all about Hajj?

Think about:

When Hajj happens.

Where do Muslims travel during Hajj?

What country? What city?

What is the name of the special building?

How many times do people walk around the building? In what direction?

Make your poster colourful and exciting if you can. You could do this on your tablet/device too.

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂