Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9:15am

Today we will be looking at the use of the possessive apostrophe – showing an item belongs to someone.

We will work through the activities and complete them together on Zoom.


This week you will be building up to writing another non-fiction text. This week is is all about Africa, influenced by our Geography work.

Today the focus is extending sentences using contractions.

Think of different ways to complete these sentences using the contractions highlighted for you.

Brilliant Schools Live Zoom @ 11am

Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop

This zoom is shared with lots of different schools and is aimed at KS1 children.

It is hosted by Brilliant schools.

This will run from 11am-11.25am.

Meeting ID: 881 8044 6568

Passcode: 319275

Maths – Live Zoom @ 12:45am

Today we are working on using arrays to multiply numbers again. This time we will be applying this method to solve some different problems.

We will complete the activities together during our Zoom lesson.


Today’s lesson is all about the different stages of prayer in Islam.

Look at the different stages of prayer using the powerpoint. Think about what is happening during each stage.

Have you ever prayed before? How did it feel? What did you need to do? If you haven’t, do you do anything similar to prayer?

Put the stages of prayer in the correct order and sort the statements as true or false.

I will post the Powerpoint on Dojo to help you.

Have a lovely day!