Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9:15am

Today we are working on the /el/ ending making the /l/ sound.

We will work through the activities and complete them together on Zoom.


Today you are planning your ideas ready for writing your non-fiction text tomorrow.

Write notes/phrases to tell Mrs Scott and I all about yourself.

You might write something like ‘I enjoy riding my bike.’ ‘I like to eat pizza and spaghetti bolognaise.’

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

Today we are working on adding equal groups.

We will complete the activities together during our Zoom lesson.


Today we are exploring whether properties of some different materials can be changed.

Find the different objects/items around your house and explore whether they can be bent, stretched, twisted or squashed.

You can swap the items for others if you don’t have them at home – just try and find something similar!

I will post the Powerpoint on Dojo to help you.

Here is your activity to complete.

Have a lovely day!