Good morning. Your work for today is posted below. If you have any problems, please get in touch via Class Dojo and we will help.


Suffix -ly added to the end of words to create adverbs.

This will be our Zoom lesson at 10.30am.

Remember this will be recorded and uploaded to Dojo for you to access later if this time is not suitable. We will be working through the following activities together.


After our Phonics Zoom, your job will be to apply your knowledge of adverbs and words ending with the –ly suffix to improve some sentences. The sentences are missing adverbs – which adverbs fit correctly into which of the different sentences?


Today we are looking at recognising notes.

Use this video – or the following powerpoint to support.

Here is the worksheet for you to complete. Remember you do not need to print this out, this can be completed straight onto paper.


Today we are learning about Food Chains. This is how wild animals survive and fulfil the ‘nutrition’ element of the ‘MRS GREN’ criteria we have learned all about.

Some animals eat meat – carnivores

Some animals eat plants – herbivores

And some animals eat both – omnivores.

What an animal eats is very important in forming a food chain. Food chains use arrows to show where each animal gets its energy.

Use the two sets of pictures to cut and create your own food chains. Draw them if you cannot print them out.

I will post the powerpoint to support on Dojo.

Remember to post your work on your portfolio!