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Watch the following maths video – Divide 2-Digits by 1-Digit (1)


Read the extract below:

‘Salva took a few steps to see what he could see. On the far horizon, the sky was hazy from the smoke of the bombs. About a hundred paces in front of him, he could see a small pond. Between the pond and the barn was a house – and, yes, a woman sitting in the sun. Holding his breath, he crept closer, until he could see her face clearly. The ritual scar patterns on her forehead were familiar: They were Dinka patterns, which mean that she was from the same tribe as Salva.’

Should Salva approach the woman and speak to her? Can you think of two reasons why Salva should approach the woman (pros) and two reasons why Salva should not approach the woman (cons)?


Watch the video:

Complete the worksheet. Can you sort the examples into informal and formal? Could any be both?


Complete the following task on ScratchJr:

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