Today we will be reading the third chapter of ‘A Long Walk to Water.’Read through the chapter carefully.
Download a copy here.

You can also listen to me reading it to you here.
Can you find these words?

  • Horizon
  • Hollowed
  • Gourd
  • Ritual
  • Flinched
  • Dimmer
  • Artillery

Using a dictionary (an online one or paper copy) search for the definitions of these words. Use your best handwriting to write them out.
Could you use each word in your own sentence?
Could you use more than one word in the same sentence?

Today’s focus is how to write direct speech.

Read through the start of my narrative and write what Grandpa Nono and Tony might say. Re-watch the video here.

Remember speech must have:
-An open and close inverted commas.
– It needs to contain punctuation like.,!?
– A verb that tells you how the speech has been said, whispered, gurgled, mumbled, screamed…
– Add story detail in between the different characters speech.

If you need a little extra help watch this bbc cartoon here. Make sure to message one of the team if you are struggling!


Today we will continue learning about area in maths by counting squares. Watch the lesson here.
Here is the follow up task. Remember to let a member of the team know if you need any further help!

Here is todays true or false question.


Last week we learnt about days of the week in French – can you remember them?
Have a look here for a recap!

This week we are going to look at how the say the months of the year.
Listen carefully to the pronunciation here.

And here is today’s task: