Watch the following Maths video – Add Fractions Within 1

Remember to stop the video to answer the questions and to complete the questions on the worksheet when asked.

Worksheet available as a pdf on Class Dojo in portfolios.


Join us on Zoom this morning at 10:30, as we share the opening first few paragraphs of Percy Jackson.  We will be using our inference skills to debate who is ‘they’ and who is speaking to us?

What clues in the text tell us that we should be very careful when reading this book?  Make sure you prepare your answer as a paragraph using evidence from the text to support your understanding.


Today you will begin writing your re-telling.  Have a look at the example on the website – you should NOT mention any of the characters, or any of the backstory.  You will ONLY write about the setting, hopefully using figurative and imaginative vocabulary.  I should feel slightly scared at the ominous tone of your work!


Read through the powerpoint on the website to learn all about water resistance. Your challenge this afternoon is to create a boat that will float on water. You need to think about the shape of boat and material you use. Will you use paper? Foil? Cling film? Playdough?

Can you use a fan/hairdryer/your breath to make the boat travel across the water? Did it sink? Did it travel quickly? Slowly? What do you think this shows you about air resistance?

Upload a photo/video of you boat.