Good morning. Your work for today is posted below.

Phonics – Live Zoom @ 9:15am

We are working on common exception words today. We will complete the activities together on Zoom.


Here are the next set of pages we are reading today. We are learning all about Anna’s holiday to her beach house.

Can you complete the sentences inserting two interesting adjectives? What words will you choose to describe Anna’s holiday home?

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces with your most beautiful handwriting!

Maths – Live Zoom @ 10:50am

We are continuing with two-step money problems today in our Maths lesson.

We will work through these problems together on Zoom.


Looking at the attached graphs showing the temperature in both the UK and Kenya.

Compare the weather carefully using the questions.

Using the data on the graph, think about travelling to Kenya:

What would you take to Kenya and why? Can you pack your suitcase for travelling to Kenya and explain your choices?

Have a lovely day!